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Open House Parent Seminars - Wednesday August 23, 2017

Two sessions offered for each seminar: 5:00-5:30 and 5:30-6:00

Session 1: Presented by:  Dr. Denyse Riveiro, Principal

School Grade and Performance

Location: Media Center

Session 2: Presented by:  Hema Adhia, Assistant Principal

Grading and Assessment 101

Location: Room 201

Session 3: Presented by:  Angela Hartle, IB Coordinator

The Role of the IB Parent

Location: Room 206

Session 4: Presented by:  Kathy Longacre, Guidance Counselor

Social and Emotional Skills for the Elementary Child

Location: Room 301

Session 5: Presented by:  Kristin Finley/Denise Diorio, Gifted Program Teachers

The Gifted Mind

Location: 302

Parent Seminars are followed by: 

6:00-6:30- Principal Address, PTA and Academic Games Kickoff

6:30-7:00-Classroom presentation from teachers

7:00-7:30- Classroom presentation from teachers

NOTE: Each of these teacher presentations is identical for those who have more than one child at MFP