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Teacher Raises and Advocacy Links

Hillsborough County will not be able to compete for good teachers with neighboring counties who offer higher starting salaries and are also going back on promises to current teachers on promised raises. Our teachers will be "working to contract" the week of 11/27/17 and this will affect all of the things our teachers do before and after school hours (planning, emails and phone calls, attending after school events like STEAM night on 11/30/17). We appreciate and support our MFP teachers and want to help fight for our teachers!

See the information HERE and HERE and contact our local representatives to advocate for our hardworking teachers!

We are helping you to easily contact your HCPS Board representatives and Superintendent by following these simples directions:

1) Find out who your local School Board Representative is (different for different zones in Hillsborough County). Click HERE for a map so you can presonally address the sample letter.

2) Copy and paste the below sample letter and personally address to your area's representative.

November 27, 2017


Hillsborough County School Board

901 East Kennedy Blvd

Tampa FL 33601


Dear School Board Representative,  ________________________ :


I am writing to request that you and Superintendent Eakins figure out a way to honor the salary increases promised to our teachers.


As a parent of a student at MacFarlane Park Magnet Elementary, I have been continuously amazed and impressed with how our teachers create so much with so little.  The resources allocated to our schools are woefully insufficient.  You wouldn’t know it, though, by walking through our school and peering into our classrooms.


Committed teachers supplement what’s not provided to them.  What I’m referring to here are both the tangible and the intangible things they give our students everyday.  The tangibles are the actual goods s/he purchases to sustain and enrich the classroom.  The intangibles are the enthusiasm s/he brings to her/his classroom.


None of this would be possible if these teachers flee the field.  In 2013, Hillsborough County recognized that investing in our public school teachers would have lasting benefits for our region and beyond.  The County promised salary increases ($4,000 every 4 years) to effective teachers.  In doing so, it realized that paying teachers a little more could help recruit and retain high quality educators.


Since implementing the current pay structure, that’s just what’s happened.  Instead of losing some of our areas brightest young people to more lucrative careers, we are instead attracting them to teaching.  In addition, we have been able to keep and develop our current teachers.


I am offended by this recent decision to renege on the salary increases promised to our teachers.  If we go backward now, we send the wrong message: that is, we don’t value our teachers as much as we say we do.


Please roll up your sleeves and get to work.  I am confident that this investment will pay off.




3) Click HERE to paste PTA's sample letter into a message to your School Board Representative 

Thank you for taking the time to support our teachers at MacFarlane Park and districtwide!


Bell Schedule Changes


Thank you to all who filled out our online survey concerning the new proposed bell schedule change.  Please see the letter below which was sent to Superintendent Jeff Eakins and the entire Hillsborough County School Board on 4/24/2017.

(Click on first page below to view entire letter)


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